If you’re like me, you’ve been running at an above average level of stress for the entire year. I’ve found some relief by hiking around nearby nature centers and birdwatching. I can’t have pets in my apartment, so observing wildlife is the best I can do.

But what about at night, or in bad weather, or when I’m at work?

Webcams to the rescue!

I’m an unrepentant cat lover (take a hike, dog people! (grin)), and thankfully, there are a couple of cat rescue places that have hooked up webcams so people like me can watch kittens napping 24/7.

I have no clue about how many of these there actually are out there (the Internet is vast, and contains multitudes); these are just the ones I tune into often (because they are the ones I found out about first):

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe is a place where you can pay a few bucks and hang out with cats that are available to adopt.

The Kitten Academy is a fostering and rescue place in Connecticut.

The KitKat Playroom does the same thing in New Jersey.

Here’s a bunch more:

If you like cats, but can’t have one for whatever reason, consider sending some donations to your local shelter/rescue place.

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