Finishing Off 2016

Lately I’ve been reading occasional comments about how we should just trash all of 2016 as being a horrible, no good, very bad year. What with all the celebrities and pop culture icons dying, and all that. These complaints started appearing around the middle of November…. Interesting, to say the least…..

But anyway, we keep making this same complaint every year. That this past year was the absolute worst, and we need a global Do-Over. What a depressing hellhole we must be living in, if each succeding year is worse than all the ones before!

Look, there are a couple of things that I wish had turned out differently. A president-elect who actually showed a real interest in doing the job, for one.

But if you throw the entire year onto the trash heap, you throw out a couple of things that we really should keep.

I’m not a football fan – either the thing that Americans call “soccer” or that version of team gladiatoral combat that usually bears the name. But you have to have a little room in you to be happy for Leicester City, which beat 5000-1 odds to win the Premier League title. Most major league sports teams in the US enter their seasons with no worse than something like 200-1 odds. Leicester City’s win wasn’t the equivalent of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl, it was an NCAA Division II team winning it!

2016 was an Olympic year. Cynics whine about how they are too expensive and they displace a lot of poor people and NBC’s coverage sucks…. Yeah, I get that. But once the Games start and things are given over to the athletes and the competitions, none of that matters.

If you couldn’t find something in the Games to be happy about and celebrate, you weren’t trying.

Do I also need to mention that this happened?

A well-fought World Series, with no problems or controversies, and players (on both teams) that you simply could not dislike.

True, a lot of bad stuff happened this year. And bad stuff will happen next year, and the year after that. But let’s take the good along with it. It pretty much evens out in the end.

And did I mention that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature this year? You don’t want to toss that out, do you?

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