Watching Baseball at the Office

Now, I really can’t watch any games. There’s no TV in the office, and even if I had a subscription or the like that let me watch them online, I doubt they’d let me get away with it – even if it wasn’t bothering my co-workers or interfering with my work.

Fortunately, there are at least two websites that effectively track games in real time, and display enough action so that it’s kind of like listening to a game on the radio. Sort of. A good enough equivalent, at any rate.

Both CBS Sports and ESPN will let you follow the game as it happens. Both show the line score, the box score, who’s pitching and who’s batting (with the official head shots), pitch count and location – the basics.

CBS’s pitch location graphic looks like the view from the catcher. Or at least behind the plate if the catcher and umpire weren’t there. They also show the progress of the inning so far just below it. I don’t think that column on the right with Twitter feeds is actually active.

On ESPN, you only see the “box score” of the team at bat. But it does show what the player currently batting has done in his previous at-bats. If there are any runners on base, their names will be shown below the main graphic. Scoring plays are also listed below the line score, and the Win Probability is shown at the lower left.

It might not be much to look at, but (unlike CBS, which just puts up a “play result pending” thing) they do have a little animation showing the actual play:

BASE HIT down the right field line!

The graphic for the playing field actually is the right shape for the stadium, and they’ll have “fireworks” when someone hits a home run.

If things are slow enough that I can just sit and stare at the computer screen, my choice is ESPN. If I’m going to be doing stuff and moving around, CBS makes it easy to catch up on anything I’ve missed.

I’m sure there are other sites; but these two are good enough for me.


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