Reading the Kama Sutra – 4

And, well, it’s more stuff made dull by the need to make lists. Here we have a list of the possible ways to have intercourse. The first several are “How To Do It” when the partners are of different “sizes”, as described in Chapter One. I didn’t count them, but there are definitely fewer than sixty-four. There’s mention of group sex and homosexual relations, and how you can get ideas by watching animals in the wild. Note that there’s absolutely nothing about how any of the positions provide extra or special stimulation to your partner.

Chapter Seven, “Blows and Sighs”, is not about love pats. It’s about rough sex, smacking your partner around, and the various cries they make in response. Even though there’s a little mention of how one shouldn’t go too far, it’s still clear it’s about dominating your partner through physical force.

Chapter Eight is “Virile Behavior in Women”, and talks about women who “turn the tables” and use a phallus on their partner (either male or female). Again, there’s a bunch of lists that sap any interest the subject might have.

Chapter Nine covers “Superior Coition or Fellation” – oral sex. The author starts by mentioning a “third sex”. Evidently, this covers anyone and everyone who isn’t the normal “male” or “female”. Homosexuals, cross-dressers, etc. For such people, oral sex is the usual method of intercourse. As seems to be typical, any non-standard practice is condemned – and then we are told of places where it is common, and further informed that we are being given all this so we can be fully informed in the complete variety of sexual experience. It does hurt the brain after a while.

Wrapping up this section is Chapter Ten, “Preludes and Conclusions to the Game of Love”. There’s a little bit on what (presumably) constitutes a “good date”, and then how – after you’ve bitten, scratched, and slapped your lover, then let her do you up the butt with a toy – a “one-night stand” turns into a Relationship. It’s all very vague. It wraps up with a bit on Lover’s Quarrels (in which the woman has a jealous hissy fit and must be placated), and then more on the Magical Sixty-Four Things a Good Lover needs to know (without ever listing what those things are).


If that’s what’s in Part Two, what’s going to be in the remaining five?

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