On the 2020 World Series

Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first.

Keven Cash’s decision to pull Blake Snell turned out wrong; there’s no denying it. He’ll have to live with it for the rest of his life. It would behoove us though to at least look for reasons why it might have been justified before we start collecting feathers and heating up tar.

The biggest one that comes to my mind is that the Rays offense had been totally shut down. They blew some scoring opportunities early, and then could manage only a single baserunner over innings three through six, and only one more after that. If the Rays were up 3-0 or even 2-0, leaving Snell in would have been a much easier call. But in a 1-0 game? It’s much safer to take a pitcher out one batter too early than one batter too late. And it’s not like the game ever got away from the Rays; a two-run deficit is not impossible to overcome. But again, the Rays’ offense failed them.

Meanwhile, in a game with so much inaction on the field, one finds oneself musing on other things.

The Rays and Dodgers both use blue as a primary color in their corporate identity. Thanks largely to Tommy Lasorda, there’s a shade of blue that is actually called “Dodger Blue“. The Rays’ blue is a bit darker than that, and they also use a light shade – a “sky blue” – on their uniforms. While every team has “Official” colors (with CMYK and Pantone values), I wonder how many of them have “official” names for their colors.

Speaking of colors, next year, the Dodgers will be able to have the “LA” logo on their caps in metallic gold. Letting the WS champions add gold to their colors is a fine tradition.

I note in passing that the “road gray” used by many teams is actually a light bluish-gray. Only the Yankees seem to use an actual gray. And the colors I see are a bit “off” from the designated “official” colors. It might just be a trick of lighting*, but the Rays’ dark blue seemed to have a greenish cast to it – more of a “Prussian Blue” than a straight Dark Blue. And I maintain that the red and blue used by the Cubs actually shade a bit more towards purple.

Anyway, it was a pretty good series. The best teams in each league made it through the playoffs to meet in the Fall Classic. I don’t know where this series will rank among the Greatest of All Time. Probably not very high, since it didn’t go the full seven games.

At least there’s Game 4:

* Direct sunlight can “wash out” some colors, making them look less vivid. Incandescents give a yellowish cast. Mercury vapor fluorescents have a greenish tinge. LEDs seem to me to be a bit on the blue side of pure white.

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