On the 2018 World Series

This year’s series wasn’t as exciting as the previous two (or even three), but then it would be hard to come close to the fun and excitement of those two. Of course, there’s always stuff to say about a World Series, no matter how many games it lasts or who wins.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has been getting a lot of criticism in the sports media for the handling of his pitching staff, especially after Game 4. That’s not really fair; all his decisions were justifiable. And a miscommunication between him and Rich Hill is nothing compared to how ineffective the Dodgers offense was.

See, for example, Manny Machado loafing after hitting a fly ball to deep center field. I don’t care who you are, if the ball manages to hit off the center field wall, your ass had better be on second base (at least) by the time the play ends.

The Red Sox hit .353 with runners in scoring position, and scored 17 of their 28 runs when there were two out. Not much a manager can do against that.

Some have called the Game 3 slog-fest one of the greatest World Series games ever. I beg to differ. There wasn’t much activity on the basepaths (the 13th inning not withstanding) to really generate a lot of excitement, but there wasn’t enough stellar pitching on display (not many strikeouts over the course of the doubleheader) to warrant calling it a classic pitcher’s duel.

I have to wonder, though. What would it do to the schedule if Game 3 had to be suspended due to the 1 AM curfew, and resumed the next day? If it was played in Boston, they’d have come up against that around the 12th inning. How many innings of a “resumed game” could they play before they had to consider postponing Game 4?

I’d have gone with David Price as WS MVP. Wins in Games 2 and 5, a relief appearance in Game 3, ERA of 1.98….but I can’t complain about Steve Pearce getting the award.

A tip of the hat to whoever manages the official Red Sox Twitter account. Back on Opening Day, the Sox blew a 4-0 lead going into the bottom of the 8th inning against Tampa Bay to lose 6-4. They took some hits on Twitter. After winning the Series, they went back and responded to a few of the comments:

And one last bit from Twitter, courtesy of the Texas Rangers (who lost back-to-back World Series in 2010 and 2011, the last one in particularly devastating fashion, when they were a mere one strike away from winning it – twice)

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