Surfing the Blue Wave

With each passing day, more and more corruption in the Trump administration is revealed. And there are more and more examples of Trump’s unsuitability for office. Social movements from student demonstrations against gun violence to teachers’ strikes are all over the news. More and more members of the administration, and Republicans in Congress, are leaving. Those on the Left politically have to be happy about their prospects for the mid-terms.

But Election Day is six months away. That’s a long time. It can be too easy to lose momentum or become complacent, and if one hopes to at least check the worst excesses of the current administration, that could lead to disaster.

What’s a Democrat / Liberal / Leftist to do?

First, put aside impeachment for now. It’s not going to happen. Unless something comes out that makes it blatantly obvious to everyone that Trump Must Go, you’re not going to get enough Republican Senators to agree to remove him from office. Remember, while a simple majority in the House is all it takes to pass Articles of Impeachment, it takes a 2/3 majority in the Senate to make the final call. The odds of getting that many senators right now are microscopic. Don’t waste the mental energy.

Instead, rally around the Anti-Corruption banner. There’s just so many lines of attack here. So many of the Cabinet and Trump’s “entourage” are neck-deep in graft and shady business dealings, that it ought to be easy to make this the overall message of the Democrats at the national level.

Next, remember that there’s a lot more local issues than national ones that get addressed in the mid-terms. Candidates for the House have to meet the needs of their own districts more than they need to toe the line with any national agenda. Don’t get angry if a “red state” representative doesn’t follow your personal wishes from somewhere on the other side of the country. Conor Lamb might not have won in PA if he came out strongly for gun control and was pro-choice, for example.

When it comes to primaries, don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal of defeating the Republicans in the general election. Don’t fight so hard that you destroy each other campaigning for the primary. And if the final nominee turns out to be someone who wasn’t your first choice, suck it up and vote for them anyway.

Ultimately, be pragmatic and realistic about it. Not only is it not the time to bring up impeachment (one can talk about it, but it’s not something that should be an issue this year), it is also not the time to argue over the direction of the Democratic Party. When you’re in the minority, you don’t have that luxury. Concentrate on taking the House and gaining seats in the Senate. There will be plenty of time in 2019 to hash out the party platform before the presidential campaign season starts.

And who knows? Over the summer, Robert Mueller and his Justice League of Extraordinary Investigators may present us with something that makes the job easy.

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