President pmurT

You know how most of the President’s cult and the Reactionary Right-Wing (RRW) tend to believe that somehow President Obama destroyed America and it’s their mission to “Make America Great Again”? It came to me last night – what if Trump’s mind is actually working or thinking backwards in time?

Let me explain. Here’s a summary of recent history (and some fair conjectures as to the future):

President Clinton presided over a thriving economy and stable international situation. Only his personal flaws (he couldn’t keep his pants on) kept him from being close to greatness. America was pretty good then, at least.

President Bush could have been one of those “average” presidents like Benjamin Harrison or Calvin Coolidge, who did OK since there were no real problems or crises they had to deal with. But then 9/11 happened, and we had to get into a justified war with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Alas, Bush listened to his evil councillors, and shifted to an unjustified war in Iraq. And it didn’t help that under his watch, the housing bubble burst, trashing the economy.

President Obama quickly righted the economic ship as best he could, wound down the wars in the Middle East to a tolerable level, put thought a lot of good domestic legislation, and restored our international reputation with a number of solid treaties and agreements.

Trump and the RRW have made it their mission to undo everything that Obama did, believing that all of it somehow managed to destroy the country.

That will mean that President 46 will have to clean up all the damage done by Trump, leaving a country in fairly (one hopes) decent shape for President 47 to preside over a reasonable “great” America.

With me on that? OK, now let’s look at it from the point of view of someone going backwards in time.

President 47 is in charge of a Great America. Sadly, President 46 sets about ruining all of that.

So Trump, er, pmurT, has to go about “making America Great Again” by stopping the march towards war with North Korea, saving the affordable Care Act, reforming immigration laws, strengthening our international alliances by creating things like the Paris Climate Agreement, putting in place all manner of environmental regulations, etc.

Alas, all of pmurT’s work will be undone by that Kenyan Muslim Socialist who somehow rigged the election. In addition to undoing all of pmurT’s work, President amabO will leave office after having trashed the economy and turning the tolerable police actions of the War on Terror into a full-scale war.

It will be up to President hsuB, then, to save the country by bringing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a dramatic and successful conclusion, making him one of the greatest presidents ever.

In a weird way, it sort of makes sense then that the RRW thinks of Obama as evil and the GOP as the savior of the country.

Physics has this thing called “anti-matter”. Every particle, every bit of regular matter, has – in theory, at least – an exact physical opposite of anti-matter. Bring them together, and they mutually destroy each other. If you look at how particles of matter and anti-matter interact at the sub-atomic level, one simplistic way to look at the mathematics of the interaction is to treat the particles of anti-matter as regular matter that is simply going backwards through time.

By that analogy, Trump is an anti-President.

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