So, How’d They Do?

Thanks to the new method for announcing the scores, it came down to the very end. Only forty-three points separated the Top Three. Here’s the Top Ten, and the predictions from my post last time:

Bookies EurovisionTops ESCape Wiwibloggs
1. Ukraine Russia France France  Russia
2. Australia Ukraine Russia Russia  France
3. Russia France Spain Australia  Bulgaria
4. Bulgaria Sweden Bulgaria Spain  Iceland
5. Sweden Australia Hungary Ukraine  Croatia
6. France Malta Australia Croatia  Australia
7. Armenia Armenia Croatia Bulgaria  Ukraine
8. Poland Israel Latvia Latvia  Spain
9. Lithuania Italy Italy Italy  Malta
10. Belgium United Kingdom Azerbaijan Hungary  Cyprus

Looks like the bookies had it best, but even so, they had quite a few misses in the Top Ten. Everyone overrated France, YouTubers blew it on Ukraine, and the expert fans at Wiwibloggs…. Well, let’s hope no one lost too much money on the outcome…..

I’ll have some personal thoughts and observations in my next post.

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