2015 In Review

Well, I made it through another year of blogging!

I posted 61 essays, which is down a bit from 2014, but still better than my desired target of one post per week.

The number of views (1,482) and visitors (1,028) is way up. Probably because I’ve been a little better at promotion this year. January was the top month for views, with 192. I got 17 “Likes”, too! Thanks, everyone!

My most viewed posts (those with 20 or more views):

Book Review: Mars Girl by Jeff Garrity — 35
I think I have the only full review of this SF book out there….

A Christmas Mix for You – 2015 — 31
I happened to have the chance to plug my blog to a lot of old friends just after I posted this.

A Holiday Message from Our Sponsor – 2015 — 26
I was able to mention and link to this post in a comment on Joe Posnanski’s blog; he’s a sportswriter who is a far better writer than I could ever hope to be.

Charlie or Ahmed? — 26
Movie Review: A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) — 23
Review: Project: Potemkin — 23
Random Thoughts on the 2015 All-Star Game — 20

People stopped by from all over the world.  Residents of a total of 80 countries visited (Hello Andorra! Thanks for stopping by, St. Lucia!) – though some stretch the definition of “country” (Isle of Man), I’m not going to argue with them. I do wonder why I’m so popular in Brazil….

United States – 771
Brazil – 217
Russia – 68
Italy – 58
United Kingdom – 41
Germany – 28
Canada – 20
Mexico – 18
Australia – 15
Portugal – 13
India – 11

What’s coming in 2016? Well, there’s a presidential campaign and election to comment on and the Rio Olympics. There’s also Eurovision, more vacations, and the baseball season. Plus the usual reviews (I’ve got four book and four movie reviews already written and ready to post).

Keep checking in!

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