Eurovision Time Again

Yep, it’s that time of year.

All the official videos are out, the running orders for the semifinals are set, the host city is getting ready for the crowds, bookies are giving odds…

Having looked over and listened to all the entrants, I have to say that nothing really stands out. Maybe I just haven’t listened to them enough.

Anyway, here’s the “compilation” video if you don’t want to spend over two hours listening to the songs in their entirety:


The last time I checked, The Netherlands (“Arcade” with Duncan Lawrence) was being favored to win. Personally, I’m not (yet) particularly enthused over any of the entries. Keep in mind, though, that these videos have no relationship at all to the actual performances in the contest.

There are ‘artsy’ videos, where you figure the performer/director is trying to make some statement that may or may not have anything to do with the song. Then there’s Greece’s entry:

It looks coherent; there must be some meaning to it. But what? The mind boggles.

In their video, which is clearly the performance from their national final, Australia checks off two of the Eurovision boxes: crazy outfit and person doing something weird and possibly/probably dangerous:

Portugal’s entry is clearly going for maximum camp:

This year, I can’t pick a winner for the coveted “Performer I’d Most Like to Wake Up Next To” Award. Can I choose the female lead from Switzerland’s video?

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