How Did I Do?

Some six months ago, just before Opening Day, I posted my predictions for this year’s baseball season. Rather than do the obvious thing and talk about who I thought would win their divisions (it was too obvious and easy), I decided to offer my prognostications on which teams would finish last.

Let’s see how I did.

National League East: Miami Marlins. They let their best player, one of the best in the NL, get away.The ownership and management don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing. They have a good chance of losing 100 games this year. .

With five games left, the Marlins have 95 losses. I’d say this was a Good Guess, except it was too easy.

National League Central: Cincinnati Reds. It’s not that they’re particularly terrible; other than the Cubs, the division is rather meh. But they’ve been hit with injuries already, and their pitching still sucks.

Another correct guess. And their pitching sucked.

National League West: San Diego Padres. They’ve actually improved a tad (Thanks, Eric Hosmer!), but the rest of the division is simply too strong. They’ve got not just the Dodgers, but the Diamonbacks to contend with. And the Giants and Rockies aren’t going to roll over and play dead.

Picking the Padres to finish last here was the only sure thing in the division. Will they finish with more losses than the Marlins? They’re at 95 as I write this.

American League East: Tampa Bay Rays. Tough call with Toronto and Baltimore in the division, too. They all look about the same. A good player or two, a couple of decent ones, and average everywhere else. Could be anyone’s division to lose.

Oops. Hey, I had a one in three chance.

American League Central: Detroit Tigers. Their opening day starter had a 6.08 ERA last year. Ugh.

They were about as bad as expected. The White Sox and Royals just happened to be worse.

American League West: Oakland Athletics. Again, there’s no team in the division that’s really terrible. But the A’s don’t have enough good things to push them ahead of the Rangers or Mariners.

I’m happy to be completely wrong here.

I’m not going to get involved in making guesses about the award winners or the playoff results. It’s either too obvious (*cough* deGrom for NL Cy Young *cough*) or too easy to get it wrong.

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