A Christmas Mix for You – Vol 4

Well, it’s that time again.

I’ve kind of fallen into the common trap with these collections. You gather all your favorites, and find you have too many for one collection. So you pick a few to go in Volume 1, and then add a few that didn’t quite make the cut to the batch for next year. And then the next year, you find you’ve got only a few “favorites”, so you do your best to pad out the collection to make something worth putting together and sharing. Then, you realize you somehow forgot a few, but four or five songs do not really make a “mix tape”, so you pad it out with general stuff that you hope people like…

Well, there it is. I’ve got a few more (three or four) that I could toss out next year. Kind of like stocking stuffers when compared to the big gifts. Or I could just repost the first Mix from 2014. We’ll see what I feel like next November, when I start thinking about this.

Anyway, here’s the link:


And here’s the list of songs:

1. Merry Old Philosopher Part1 – Eddie Lawrence
Lawrence had a Top 40 hit in 1956 with the original “Old Philosopher” recording. He parlayed that into a decades-long career.

2. Christmas All Over The World – Jim Nabors
With that powerful baritone, Nabors could have done opera. He did perform and record with a couple of symphony orchestras, so it wasn’t out of the question.

3. Рождество – Otaba Ë

A Russian folk group accompanies a nativity play.

4. Christmas is for Children – Tommy Edwards

5. Tell Matisyahu That We Won – The SimchaBand
There aren’t many Hanukkah songs – so when you find one that’s not terrible….

6. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Dave Brubeck Quartet

7. Christmas is Calling – Julia P

8. Rudolph, A Message to You – Bête Noire
A reggae Christmas song!

9. Christmas in the City – Elizabeth Chan
New Yorker Chan has been recording and releasing holiday songs for years.

10. Winter Wonderland – Warren Zevon

11. 12 Days of Cryptmas – Jack Wohl (The Cryptkeeper)
The Cryptkeeper from “Tales of the Crypt” has his own gift list.

12. Merry Old Philosopher Part 2 – Eddie Lawrence

13. WXRT – Xmas On The Moon – Gulag Picture Radio

14. It Sure Gets Exciting Around Christmastime – Mel Blanc and Alan Reed (as Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone)

15. The Merry Christmas Polka – Frankie Yankovic

16. Christmas Wish – Yahosh, Lydia Afualo, and Mizz Hix
From Provo, Utah! Let’s hear it for community music!

17. Santa Claus & His Old Lady – Cheech and Chong
The stoner comics tell a surprisingly nice holiday tale.

18. Papa Ain’t No Santa Claus – Butterbeans and Susie
Vaudevilleans John and Susie Edwards with a song that isn’t exactly a holiday tune….

19. Santa’s Coming for Us – Sia

20. Jingle Jangle Jump – Dexter Gordon

21. Stocking for Two – Tracy Merle

22. You’re All I Want for Christmas – Brooke Benton
I can’t think of a more romantic Christmas song.

23. A Christmas Twist – Si Cranstoun

24. Merry Old Philosopher Part 3 – Eddie Lawrence

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