Does America Have a Bad Boss?

In today’s New York Daily News, Gersh Kuntzman has an essay where he looks at how Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been treated lately by President Trump, and then looks at what professional management experts and human resources people have to say about bad bosses.

I thought it might be interesting to compile some “signs of a bad boss” into one great list, and see how many of them apply to President Trump. There will be a few similarities and repetitions; consider those to be the ones the experts say are most important. I’ve left off a few that are irrelevant. For example, “Your boss bothers you on your time off” and “It’s hard to get up and go to work in the morning” don’t really apply here….

Your boss already knows the answer.
Your boss tells you what you’re doing wrong, instead of what you’re doing right.
Your boss blusters and badgers people.
Your boss doesn’t want to hear what you have to think.
Your boss doesn’t want to change anything.
Your boss threatens people who speak up.
Your boss looks for someone to blame when something goes wrong.
Your boss dismisses any suggestions.
Your boss rules through fear.
Your boss manages through edicts, rather than trying to build trusting relationships.
Your boss makes it clear that employees serve at his or her pleasure and can be fired at any time.
Your boss cannot admit to having made a mistake.
Your boss over-promises.
Your boss expects you to be just like them.
Your boss is a micro-manager.
Your boss doesn’t want to hear your viewpoint.
Your boss has favorites.
Your boss confuses you by being indirect.
Your boss ignores you.
Your boss hogs the limelight.
Your boss gossips.
Your boss constantly changes their mind.
Your boss is overly demanding.
Your boss is quick to blame you for mistakes, but rarely expresses gratitude when you succeed.
Your boss throws tantrums easily.
Your boss is unreliable.
Your boss avoids conflict and difficult situations.
Your boss is never satisfied with your work.
Your boss operates by irrational fear.
Your boss lies.
Your boss is unwilling to make decisions.
Your boss cancels or reassigns projects at whim.
Your boss is never wrong.
Your boss doesn’t give you clear expectations.
Your boss damages your self-esteem.
Your boss isn’t good at their job.
Your boss doesn’t motivate you.
Your boss doesn’t listen.
Your boss ignores you.
Your boss is defensive, and quashes any dissent.
Your boss plays favorites.
Your boss yells.
Your boss doesn’t inspire you.
Your boss doesn’t have a clear vision.
Your boss lacks integrity.
Your boss seems to always be in the middle of a crisis.
Your boss is a slacker.
Your boss can’t keep his or her cool.
Your boss makes you wish you had a better one.

I’ll let you score the list yourself…..


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One thought on “Does America Have a Bad Boss?

  1. “Your boss bothers you on your time off” and “It’s hard to get up and go to work in the morning”

    I would disagree that these are meaningless. I am betting Trump does bother his people on their time off and also too, we have reports people are very sad to work at the white house lots of the times.
    Otherwise, dear lord, it is him!



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