A Christmas Mix for You – 2018

Well, here I go again. Another hour-plus of holiday music, both new and old, that you’re probably not familiar with. With this one, I’ve pretty much taken care of all the songs I originally felt like including way back in 2013. I can’t think of anything else that absolutely must be included. So if I post one again next year, I might just reissue that first mix.

Anyway, the track list and link are below the jump.

By the way, I think I’ve managed to balance the sound levels properly this time. Found a freeware music editor that lets you “normalize” sound files in a “batch process”.

1. Christmas Gathering, Part 1 – unknown

From somewhere in 1947, a family decided to record their holiday party….

2. It’s Almost Christmas – Jon & Valerie Guerra

The title track from their 2015 album

3. On This Christmas Eve – The Mills Brothers

Donald, Herbert, Harry, and John Jr. were the Four Kings of Harmony

4. At the Christmas Ball – Bessie Smith

Bessie knows how to have a great time!

5. The Huron Carol – Heather Dale

Written in the 1640s, the Huron Carol is Canada’s oldest. Through the magic of multitrack recording, Dale sings it in English, French, and Wendat (Huron).

6. A Christmas Love Song – Blossom Dearie

From a 1991 album; Mike Rienzi is in there somewhere, too.

7. Leise Rieselt der Schnee – Christine Berger (featuring Ben DeVries)

“Quielty Falls the Snow” is an old German Christmas song. This version was included on a free ablum released by Canadian netlabel Badgerland (and you can still get it!)

8. Riu Chiu – The Monkees

Peter, Mike, Mickey, and Davey sing a traditional Spanish Christmas song.

9. Silent Night – Mélanie René and Michel Tirabosco

Mélanie René represented Switzerland in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Michel Tirabosco is a master of the panpipes…..

10. Let’s Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas – Joel and the Bots

Live from the Satellite of Love!

11. Christmas, It’s Not a Biggie – Say Sue Me

A JUST RELEASED song from a South Korean pop group!

12. Hark, the Herald Angels Sing – Mills Single Violano Virtuoso

“The Mills Violano-Virtuoso, combining a piano with a real violin in a lovely Oak cabinet, was introduced around 1910 and in 1915 began to be marketed with great zeal. From then until 1929 about 4,100 left the Chicago factory of the Mills Novelty Company, this including about 3,800 of the single-violin model, as presented here, and about 300 with two violins. The present model was wildly popular in its day, especially for use in restaurants, confectionery shops and hotel lobbies. Most were equipped with a nickel slot. The mechanisms were well made and stood up under intense use. As a result, nearly a thousand still exist today, making it the most available of larger size American automatic musical instruments.” – From a Sotheby’s auction listing.

13. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Ella Fitzgerald

What can you say about Ella?

14. Holiday Traditions at the Playboy Mansion – Hugh Hefner

From an album entitled “Ask Hef Anything”

15. Christmas in Heaven – Monty Python’s Flying Circus

From the movie The Meaning of Life.

16. Jingle Bells – Fayetteville Ska Alliance

So what is “ska” anyway?

17. Merry Texas Christmas, You All – Gene Autry

Classic, “old school” country still works!

18. Where I’ll Be for Christmas – “Big Harp” George

San Francisco’s George Bisharat is a former law professor turned “21st century artisinal blues” songwriter and performer.

19. Hey Skinny Santa – JD McPherson

A seasonal contribution this year from Oklahoma’s own.

20. All I Want for Xmas (Is a Tascam 388) – Pond

This punk band from Australia wants a new mixing board for their recording studio.

21. Christmas Caravan – The Lost Fingers

Their name is a reference to the jazz legend Django Reinhardt, who lost the use of some of his fingers through injury. Their style is similar, too, but they are more than just a “tribute band”.

22. The Twelve Days of Yaksmas – Ren & Stimpy

I have to have a “Twelve Days” parody. If you are of the right age, you’ll recognize this one. Or if you have a child’s gross sense of humor….

23. The Nite After Christmas – Homer & Jethro

Like the artist of #25, Henry D. “Homer” Haynes and Kenneth C. “Jethro” Burns hid an immense talent behind humor and parody.

24. To Heck with Old Santa Claus – Loretta Lynn

Loretta’s been let down again.

25. Christmas at Ground Zero – “Weird” Al Yankovic

Note how the general pitch of the song rises and falls like an air raid siren….

26. Christmas Gathering, Part 2 – unknown

Well, it’s later in the day, people have been enjoying the “Christmas Cheer”, and have loosened up quite a bit. But, they’ve got to get home to prepare for their own party….

Here’s the link. By the way, do check out the many fine artists that I’ve linked to above (and maybe buy their music)….


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Mix for You – 2018

  1. Hey! This is Der Bingle from Merry & Bright! After some sleuthing by the best in the Christmas music collector biz over at FaLaLaLaLa.com I’ve discovered your website, and the shoutout to my place a couple years back. Great blog here, and great Christmas mixes! I’ll be stopping be here regularly now.



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